Job Title
Executive Vice President, General Manager
Speaker Bio
Amy Dietz is a veteran player in the independent music and distribution space with a wealth of expertise in both popular and emerging music. Since 2012, she has overseen the day-to-day management of global distribution operations at Ingrooves, ensuring the company’s independent label partners are provided with the unparalleled customer service they need to successfully market, promote and monetize their music. In her role, Amy manages a global team of 50, and spearheads, business development, sales and label relations strategies.

Prior to Ingrooves, Amy worked at ADA distribution company, where she rose from a regional advertising manager to Vice President of Label and Artist Development. Early on, she began her career in music with Title Wave, a Minneapolis mom-and-pop record and video outfit, where she learned the retail business from the ground up. Amy then segued to the label Red Decibel, which further drove her passion for working in independent music forward.

Amy is a member of two prominent music associations, A2IM and Music Business Association, where she is a vocal champion for women to forge new pathways to attain and succeed in executive roles within the music industry.