2019 Agenda

Tuesday, 8th October 2019
Registration and Networking 
Chairman's opening remarks
Opening Keynote Presentation - Market Drivers and Opportunities in the New Music Tech Landscape
Keynote Panel Discussion: Next Generation Music Distribution: What does the future hold?
  • Do artists still need distributors?
  • How is technology changing the way that music distribution works, and is the industry evolving fast enough to keep up?
  • The evolution of artist services - what next? 
  • Data: What do distributors need, and how is technology facilitating this?
Coffee and Networking Break

Presentation: Machine Learning and Metadata for the Music Industry

  • Data sharing & accuracy: dismantling walled gardens to enable a collective success - what needs to happen?

  • How does it work? Understanding the principles behind applying Machine Learning to music industry metadata

  • Use cases: harnessing the potential of clean and accurate metadata to solve systemic problems


Presentation: The Opportunities and Challenges of User Generated Content

  • How is the music industry currently working with online creators and influencers?

  • As rates of user generated content and creator generated content continue to rise exponentially, how can technology enable claims free licensing at scale, and unlock new revenue streams?

  • Making the most of micro-licensing monetisation opportunities


Panel Discussion: It’s the solution, not the problem: how AI is being used by music and media to enhance value and save costs 

  • Where is AI being used add value in music, beyond generative music?

  • What are the opportunities for music production, distribution, adaptation and A&R?

  • How can the industry use the same tools used by the large social networks to make content more compelling, personalised and contextual?


Panel Discussion: The Evolution of Music Marketing - Localisation and Personalisation

  • Is mass market social media marketing over for the music industry? Utilising messaging apps to create an authentic one-on-one fan connections at scale 

  • How to leverage content creators and influencers as part of the marketing mix, while achieving demonstrable ROI and actionable insights 

  • How is location based technology enabling a new kind of connected fan engagement for artists?

Lunch and Networking Break

Panel Discussion: Next Generation Fan Engagement in Live Music

  • Enhancing the in venue experience for fans
  • Extending the gig going journey further than the venue  
  • Can additional experiences around live be monetised?
  • Mobile technology and secondary ticketing
  • How viable is VR and AR as an opportunity for the live space? Is it finally moving beyond the hype and what are the use cases while consumer adoption remains low?

Panel Discussion: Beyond the hype - how blockchain and distributed technologies are being applied to creative industries

  • How is blockchain being used throughout other creative industries, and what lessons can the music industry take from these use cases?

  • The tokenization of value and the role of  digital currencies in creating a new kind of value system in digital platforms

  • Beyond metadata and rights: how the technology can be applied to security, provenance and surety for merchandise, ticketing and collectors’ items

  • Facebook & Libra - understanding the possible implications of large scale global organisations embracing blockchain


Panel Discussion: Embracing the International Opportunity

  • How is tech facilitating the growth of the music industry in international markets like Asia and Latin America? 

  • As streaming increases in penetration in markets like China, India and Brazil, what lessons can be applied from developed markets?

Chair: David Price, Director of Insight & Analysis, IFPI 


Coffee and Networking Break

Keynote Panel Discussion: Content, context and community

  • Technology is driving the convergence of media, music and entertainment, providing consumers with a tyranny of choice when it comes to consumption. How is technology helping the music industry to embrace the blurred lines and create new opportunities for artists, fans and revenue? 

  • How are technologies such as Voice, Immersive and AI changing the way that consumers engage with and consume music?

  • The role of smart devices in creating meaningful and hyper personalised music experiences

  • The importance of community and collaboration in new music platforms

Closing Keynote Interview: Keeping the Humanity in Music
From AI to UGC to blockchain, we've heard how various technologies are shaping the music industry. But how do we retain the human element that makes music so unique? Apple Music’s Global Creative Director and Beats 1 host talks about how his team uses technology and data in harness with passion and gut instinct to create the ultimate environment for music discovery.
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Chair's Closing Remarks
Drinks Reception
End of Music Week Tech Summit 2019
Please note that this is a draft agenda that is subject to change by the organisers. If you have any questions or are interested in speaking at the Summit, please contact Gina Baillie on gina.baillie@futurenet.com