Full Name
Brian D’Oliveira
Job Title
Composer & Founder
La Hacienda Creative
Speaker Bio
Brian D’Oliveira is a BAFTA-nominated Composer and Interactive Sound Alchemist based in Montreal, Canada. His focus is on constantly pushing the envelope in music and sound, mastering and creating new instruments, technologies and audio tools. He is also the Founder of La Hacienda Creative, an interactive sound studio in Montreal and its audio tools development division, MNTRA Instruments. His evocative work on soundtracks for video games such as Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, Resident Evil 7, Papo & Yo, Tearaway, and Sackboy has brought many accolades, earning multiple G.A.N.G. and IGN Awards as well as countless nominations including BAFTA and GDC Awards. https://briandoliveira.com/.
Brian D’Oliveira