Full Name
Steve Carsey
Job Title
Managing Director, Audio Alliance UK / Storyglass
Speaker Bio
You could say Steve’s a geek. He started his media career on Channel 4's GamesMaster in 1990. Later he created the BBC’s Robot Wars. Now he makes podcasts. Steve has recently joined Bertelsmann as Managing Director of the Audio Alliance UK and Storyglass. In this role he heads up the group’s international podcast interests, working across Fremantle (television), Penguin Random House (publishing) and BMG (music), as well as with external partners. Previously Steve was the Senior Director for International English (Originals) at Audible, where he managed content strategy and greenlit more than 200 podcasts over 6 years. Credits include Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman (#1 New York Times Bestseller), Stephen Fry’s Victorian Secrets, Michael Caine’s Heist, The Kurupt FM Podkast and From The Oasthouse: The Alan Partridge Podcast.
Steve Carsey